Во славу Греции твоей... 1989
Translated by Larisa Schultz ©

* * *

In honor of your sunny Greece and all the seas around,
Our vessel "Argo" will be named, its sides will bear ten wings.
We'll leave our snowy land behind, our way is southwards-bound.
I shall be standing at the helm. And Margo, you will sing.

By listening to your lovely songs which must be ages old,
By reading ancient maps of lands where myths are dwelling free,
At last I'll have a chance to learn the language of your gods,
I'll learn by heart its crystal words, its golden melody.

The sea in which, like reeds of stone, the islands sprouted clear,
Will not endow us with its bliss, nor mark with death our lot.
Its water's hot though not from blood, its salt is not from tears.
It is not bothered by our life. Our death for it is naught.